Jimmy the Greeks Frozen 4-Miler

Finish: 97th/452 Time: 31:14 Pace: 7:46 Splits: 7:25, 7:39, 8:16, 7:46

Three years and three memorable Jimmy the Greeks Frozen 4-Milers. A record turnout (500-plus registered, 452 finishers) and temperatures in the mid-40s this year would have sufficed, but I had to toss in a burgeoning cold to make the race even more interesting. Probably should have backed out. But I didn’t.

Two years ago, strained calf muscles in both legs hampered the effort in the Old Orchard Beach event. And 2012 was marked by temperatures in the single digits. So, why not run with a cold on a decidedly un-January-like day.

It may not have felt good physically, but I was smiling inside after posting my time and zipping right to the car for the ride home with Doria.

Chased by a moose.

Chased by a moose.


About Daniel King

Began running the summer of 2010. Entered first 5K (Freeport Jingle Bell Run) in December 2010 and haven't looked back. Ran first marathon in October 2014.

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